Why I’m supporting Elizabeth Warren for President

We have three imperatives in 2020: to defeat the current president, to win a majority in the Senate, and to elect a leader with a bold vision for the future. I believe Elizabeth Warren stands out from the Democratic field as the best candidate to lead the party forward.

It’s not enough just to beat Donald Trump. We need a president who will take on the incredible challenges of our moment: climate change, inequality, health care, corporate power, and racial injustice. Elizabeth Warren’s drive to win, passion to teach, and smart plans make her the best candidate to unite us in this fight.

Climate change is the greatest issue of our time. We need aggressive action to transform our economy into one that’s sustainable for the planet and successful for our people. Elizabeth’s plans would move America to 100% renewable energy, invest in green jobs, and ensure environmental justice to undo the decades of damage we’ve inflicted on people of color and vulnerable populations.

Inequality is the story of my generation. Millennials and younger Americans face continued wage stagnation, crushing college debt, and fewer opportunities to own homes or start families. The bottom 90% of people’s share of wealth is decreasing while those with the most wealth see their share increasing. Elizabeth’s two cent per dollar tax on assets above $50 million will help reduce inequality while funding priorities to cancel student debt and provide free college to power the economy of the future.

Health care is a human right. For too long our health care system has privileged the healthy and well-off, while failing the sick and those without insurance. The economic costs of America’s system continue to rise while life expectancy has fallen. Elizabeth’s health care plan would transition to a single-payer model to control provider costs and cover all people.

Corporate power has increased for decades relative to workers and the people. Tax loopholes now allow trillion dollar corporations to pay $0 in taxes. Elizabeth’s plans would ensure that corporations pay their fare share, break up big tech monopolies to increase competition and mandate that large corporations work in the interest of all corporate stakeholders in addition to shareholders.

Racial justice must be a foundation of America’s future. The current administration’s racist speech, policies, and actions must end. An America of the future admits our racist past and present while embracing the power of a racially-diverse democracy. Elizabeth’s plans would fight white nationalist violence, end private prisons, value the work of women and entrepreneurs of color.

Voting in the Democratic Primary starts today. For voters in Colorado, ballots will mail out on February 10th ahead of the March 3rd election day. Please support Elizabeth Warren by voting for her in the primary, contributing to the campaign, telling your friends to vote, making calls or knocking doors.

Eric Budd
Boulder, Colorado

Dream big. Fight hard.


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